Kumbakonam Mahamaham 2016
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It is believed that taking dip or sprinkling water of the tank on the bodies cleanses all the sins.
The Mahamaham Tank has four streets alongs its four banks. It is constructed with steps on the sides for people to easily access the tank and take dips.

Indra Theertham - provides moksham

Agni Theertham - rids Brahmahatthi dosham

Yama Theertham - rids fear of death. Nruthi Theertham - rids from fear of evil spirits

Varuna Theertham - provides long life

Vaayu Theertham - rids diseases Gubera Theertham - provides prosperity Isaana Theertham -
moksham (to reach Lord Siva’s feet)

Brahma Theertham - pacifies ancestors

Gangai Theertham - provides Kailasa padavi

Yamuna Theertham - provides wealth

Godavari Theertham - fulfills wishes 13. Narmada Theertham - provides physical strength

Saraswathi Theertham - provides Gnaanam (enlightenment). Cauveri Theertham - provides
knowledge. Kumari Theertham - blessings to pets

Payodini Theertham - provides joy

Sarayu Theertham - removes mental strain

Arubathaaru(66)kodi Theertham - removes grief & provides hapiness

Deva Theertham / Naaga Theertham - rids of all sins & provides Devendra’s post /
rids of Kaala Sarpa dosham